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Natalia Ortega de Pablo

Natalia Ortena born in Madrid, April 29th, 1977

She has a defree in Clinical Psycology from the Universidad Complutense of Madrid (2000), where she also sutdied for her PhD.

She is a Professional Expert on «Child abuse: clinical aspects, prevention an treatment» from the National University of Distance Education, Known in Spanish as «Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia» (UNED).

She is a professor in the Master´s degree on General Psychology at Universidad San Rafae-Nebrija and in the Master´s degree on Children and Youth Development at Univesidad Europea, both in Madrid.

She has focuses her career in both teaching and clinical psychology, working with children and adolescents. She treats a broad range of pathologies, but she is specialized in child and sexual abuse, Tourett´s Syndrome and adaptive issues after divorces and legal separations. She is also a Parental Coordinator at the administration of Justice.

She participates in the scientific dissemination of psycology in mass media: radio, television and written press.

She is the CEO of Activa Psicología y Formación in Madrid.


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